World-Class Martial Arts Courses For All Ages

Master Cosmo Zimik

"I can teach anyone martial arts. Even a grandma can learn it."

Martial Arts Video Courses at Your Own Pace

A fun way to get active and learn the basics of Kung Fu. (300 minutes)

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cosmo splits

Techniques and exercises for Improving Your Flexibility. (150 minutes)

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The skills you need for escaping, striking, and surviving. (150 minutes)

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flying kid kick

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Learn the techniques to defend yourself against knife and gun attacks. (135 min.)

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Meet Cosmo Zimik

From a small village in North-Eastern India, Cosmo faced hardships early in life that led him down a path of violence before he learned to teach sustainability, empowerment, and peace.

From India to Idaho, Cosmo Zimik has trained under and taught martial arts experts in multiple disciplines. He has real life expertise in everything from street fighting, military training, Burmese Thaing. Cosmo is an experienced and patient instructor of martial arts for all ages and skill levels.

In addition to his martial arts knowledge and instruction, Cosmo is also an international, inspirational speaker who readily shares his message of warrior hope in a world of oppression and injustice.

Born in a tribal war with India, violence his earliest memory, Comso Zimik trained as a black belt and street fighter from the age of nine. His vow: never show weakness. Tortured and left for dead in the jungle at the age of seventeen, Cosmo birthed a new vow: uncover the true meaning of warrior in a world drunk on violence.

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